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    Главная » 2012 » Сентябрь » 23 » Magix - Samplitude Pro X & Suite [19.12.2011, ENG]
    Magix - Samplitude Pro X & Suite [19.12.2011, ENG]

    Год/Дата Выпуска: 19.12.2011
    Версия: Build DC2
    Разработчик: Magix
    Разрядность: 32bit+64bit
    Совместимость с Vista: полная
    Совместимость с Windows 7: полная
    Язык интерфейса: Английский
    Таблэтка: Отсутствует
    Системные требования: 1.5 GHZ CPU, 1 GB RAM

    Описание: В данной раздаче предлагаются обновления для Samplitude ProX и Samplitude ProX вышедшее 19.12.2011г. В данное обновление вошли следующие исправления:
    12/13/2011 Samplitude Pro X (Suite)
    -64 bit versions of the following plugins included
    -Independence MX
    -When inserting a new plugin or when loading a project, the host matching bit version of the plugin will be loaded automatically (i.e. when loading a 32 bit project in a 64 bit host, also 64 bit plug-ins will be used)
    -64 bit version uses vstplugins_x64.ini if present instead of vstplugins.ini
    -Sometimes problems with loading of objects that included TS -fixed
    -32 bit versions are set LAA and can again address > 2GB
    -UAD-1 is supported
    -UAD latency/sync problems -fixed
    -Sidechain problems -fixed
    -VST MIDI Out implemented

    Mixer / FX
    -essential FX
    -eFX_Reverb: New Plate II Classic Modus
    -eFX: load preset from other directory re-implemented
    -Build 73: eFX mousewheel handling -fixed
    -Hint for Vita 64 download (download link is not online yet)
    -Improved Spectral Editing, especially with active stereo display
    -Spectral Editing for Wave Editing. Destructive Editing is switched to Virtual Wave Editing for that purpose.
    -Visualization: improved and new presets
    -Uniformed naming for the preset "Parameters when opening the dialog"
    -"Parameters when opening the dialog" preset is also available for VST-Plugins now
    -Removed: OK+Cancel from realtime EQ, Dyn, Dist, Delay
    -Disabled surround plugin handling for AM-Munition and other plugins
    -Show master peakmeter for master track in arranger

    -Space key didn't work for destructive effects -fixed
    -Diverse Fixes for Elastic Audio
    -Latency problems when working with objects and pitchshifting while Object Editor is opened -fixed
    -VST parameter GUI fixed
    -Mixer: Fix for tooltip while automating
    -VST "transport changed" handling sometimes only correct for first track -fixed
    -Problems with loading of Track FX and nested menus -fixed
    -Changed metronome switching behavior (keeps record/playback flags in stopped mode, sets corresponding flag while recording/playback)
    -Audio metronome with device different to master didn't work outside hybrid engine
    -Exact playback mute for hybrid engine after precount
    -Fix for record file name after copy&paste of tracks
    -Trackspeed for Virtual Waves
    -Support of frame rate 23.976 fps
    -Blue Sync-Position-Marker and Timecode-Timedisplay corrected by one ASIO-Buffer
    -MMC problem with Record Ready -fixed
    -MIDI Clock Send stopped during recording if VIP BPM in Sync option was enabled -fixed
    Import/Export/File Handling
    - "Collect project files" dialog is resizable and has a file date column
    -"Remove unused samples"-Dialog can be resized
    -Object menu "Edit Wave" opens Virtual Wave Editing if the following ini-entry is set and system option option "General" is enabled:
    [Setup] OpenDestructiveWaveProjectForObject=0
    -When opening Wave Editing, range from VIP was not always transferred to Wave Editing -fixed
    -Bounce Dialog remembers sample rate during session
    -Progress bar for Multitrack Bounce and Freeze "File x of Files y"
    -Synced range display for export CD-Track by track
    -Project offset was not used with time stamp in OE
    -BWF Editor: Problem with editing timestamp if record-take does not start at position 0
    -Bugfixes for timestamp handling
    -Several AAF / OMF fixes
    -Extended error message for long paths (PathSizeError)
    -RF64 Marker in 16 Bit WAV files was not read -fixed
    -RIFF64 files with RF64-extension were not handled correctly -fixed
    -Problem with Import of MPEG2 files with MP2 extension -fixed
    -Wrong wave graphics with files >4GB -fixed
    -Problems if existing HDP had different bit depth than WAV -fixed
    -Crash when saving a destructive MP3 project -fixed
    -Problems with CD Start Track Option and burning CD-Text, CD Import... -fixed
    -Problems with Compare CD -fixed
    Docking / Improved Shortcut Handling
    -Active docking window is indicated in docking grabber
    -Project gets focus after docker is minimized by mouse
    -Shortcuts refer to active window, and if not used there are handed to project window
    -New shortcut "Set Focus to Docking Window" (Ctrl-B): By subsequent pressing of window shortcuts (e.g. Track Manager) focus will put to that window
    -Ctrl+F4, Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+B shortcuts are automatically added for
    older ini-files with standard settings
    -"Set focus to project window"(Ctrl-P) always activates project window
    -Docking: Problem with Object Editor and MIDI-Editor after undocking them -fixed
    -Focus problem in MIDI-Editor -fixed
    -Transport scrubbing section did not collapse in docked state -fixed
    Enhanced Keyboard Input
    -Improved mixer control selection with cursor keys
    -Ctrl-B, Ctrl-F4 Handling
    -Context menu key supported
    -F2 for renaming
    -Context menu key supported
    -New menu commands for window access
    -Close docking tab (default shortcut Ctrl+F4)
    -Next docking tab (default shortcut Ctrl+Tab), also works for project window
    -Minimize docker
    Improvements for visually impaired users
    -.INZ can also be loaded with Open Project dialog. The program will do an automatic restart afterwards.
    -Setup_VisuallyImpaired.INZ with collected settings:
    -Ini-setting to open new dialogs (Manager...) in un-docked state [Setup]
    -General ini-Setting
    [Setup] OptimizeForVisuallyImpaired=-1
    or Customize\GUI_OptimizeForVisuallyImpaired.INZ
    -Playback triggered with Shift-Space
    -Extended control and value display in mixer caption
    -TAB and SPACE key in mixer (similar to Cursor down and Enter)
    -Value display (Act, Max, RMS) in dialog title
    -FX Dialogs
    -Some dialogs can be interpreted better by Screenreaders
    -VST-Dialogs do open with Parameter-GUI by default,
    Parameter can be edited in a range of 0-100%
    -"Remove Plug-in" command VST-Dialog-Menu
    -MIDI functions are not deactivated automatically if there is no MIDI Out Device (needed for work with VSTi)
    -Very slow opening of MIDI Editor -fixed
    -Problem with playcursor display in MIDI Editor -fixed
    -Fixes for Raster Snap (Half Notes)
    Hardware Controller
    -Korg NanoKontrol2.cps added
    -Problems with controller initialization during program start -fixed
    -Problems with re-initialization after changes in HWC-Dialog -fixed
    -MIDI-Ping from controller couldn't be set -fixed
    -Problems with display and processing of incoming MIDI-Messages -fixed
    -Mackie-Protocol: Learning of MIDI-CC with absolute values (not endless) was not possible -fixed
    -Learning of invalid MIDI-Messages is prevented
    -Problems with "Learn Hardware Controller" (in Mixer menu) -fixed
    -Track names of colored tracks did not show up in controller display -fixed
    -Frontier Tranzport display problems -fixed
    -"Save as…"-dialog showed „Open“-Button -fixed
    -Volume scale changed to +12dB matching Sam Pro X skins
    -Problems at creation of fader scale -fixed
    -Some general stability problems with HW controllers (e.g. EUCON) -fixed
    -Carbon skin added
    -Time Display: New field "Record length (Take)"
    -Editing of timestamps in Object Editor
    -Marker Manager: Tempo Marker: Double-click shows Tempo-Dialog, Checkbox sets Cursor
    -Fixes for Visualization setup apply button
    -Wrong sized dropdown boxes in non-german Visualization setup dialogs -fixed
    -Problem with spectroscope scale display -fixed
    -Sometimes drawing issues of waveform with scrolling in higher zoom
    -Track automation button could switch master automation button after master plugin or automation menu -fixed
    -Trackeditor fader section could not be collapsed -fixed
    -v11 Menu could not be loaded -fixed
    -Mixer size problem when creating a new project with an open mixer -fixed
    -Record dialog: Visualization did not open at second opening of record dialog -fixed
    -System Setup - "Reset all warnings" also resets Start-Dialog
    -Diverse problems with non-western character sets (manager font handling, ID3 tag handling), also Unicode ID3 tags can be read now (if they match the current system language)
    -Tooltip for audio engine selection was German only -fixed
    -Manager properties (like columns) were sometimes not remembered -fixed
    -OE MIDI: missing update on object change
    -OE: TS/PS apply to all fix
    -OE: default focus not on object name anymore
    -All folder tracks did show rubbers of first track in project -fixed
    -Wrong track selection display after loading
    -Range display vanished when play cursor is positioned -fixed
    -Locked objects could be moved into another project -fixed
    -Take Composer - Autoscroll is asynchronous -fixed
    -Missing take number refresh for project switch -fixed
    -Fix for content download after using DLV with dongle
    -Bugfixes for effect calculation in virtual waves
    -Problems with Robota object synth and multi CPU -fixed
    -Some crash fixes (Recording, 64 bit combo boxes, main automation menu handling)
    -Diverse fixes for Elastic Audio (Pitch Detection, Crashes)
    -Crash when playing back EQ116 automation -fixed

    Доп. информация: Эти обновления не рекомендуется устанавливать на пропатченый Samplitude(кроме обновлений для Vita), регистрация слетает сразу. Сработает ли существующий патч с этим обновлением не знаю не проверял.


    Скачать Magix - Samplitude Pro X & Suite [19.12.2011, ENG]

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